Scribe Plugins
This is all the additional software available for i.Scribe and InScribe. Both versions of the software can use these packages. Some of the plugins need installing and some don't, check the individual pages for details.

Note: There are no plugins for the current builds of Scribe. All plugin functionality has been moved into the main application. This page is for historical reasons only, for instance if you are running an older build of Scribe.
Deprecated plugins:
AutoBCC PluginAllows you to CC all incomming / outgoing mail via SMTP to a 3rd party.
AutoZipZips up any attachments in outgoing mail to recipients you select. Includes an excluded file types list (colon or space separated in the plugin options).
Extra LibrariesThese libraries (.DLL''s on window) add the following optional functionality to Scribe (either version).
  • JPEG loading support (used in the HTML control).
  • PNG loading support (used in the HTML control).
  • Support for almost all codepages/charsets.
GnuPG PluginA plugin for Scribe that allows you to encrypt/sign or decrypt/verify email.
IeHtmlInternet Explorer plugin for rending HTML content in Scribe.
Ldap ClientPlugin for retreiving contact's from an LDAP server.
Scripting + FormsA software development plugin that adds scripting and form support to Scribe.
Spell CheckHow to use the spell check functionality in Scribe.
SSLAllows connections over SSL for versions of Scribe that support transport plugins (>= v1.85-final).