i.Scribe/InScribe Email Client

The Small Portable Email Client

Scribe is a small portable email client with an intergrated contact database and calendar. It supports all the major internet mail protocols and uses international standards where possible. Scribe doesn't required installing or uninstalled and can be used from a removable drive without reconfiguration. It comes with a bayesian spam filter and translations to many different languages. Updates are published regularly to respond to problems and to add features. Because Scribe runs on Windows and Mac you can take your mail with you when you change operating system. And don't worry about viruses, Scribe protects you from the usual security holes in other email clients with it's own virus safe HTML control and executable attachment protection.

Feature i.Scribe InScribe
Cost Free! $10 USD
Windows 7/8.x/10 Yes Yes
MacOSX 10.8+ Yes Yes
Linux x64 Yes Yes
SSL Support Yes Yes
Spam Filter Yes Yes
Translations Yes Yes
Address Book Yes Yes
Calendar Yes Yes
On Demand Component Install Yes Yes
Receive Accounts 1 Unlimited
Email Identities 1 Unlimited
Email Filters 5 Unlimited
MAPI Export No Yes

Scribe Email Client A Mail Window Some Email Client Options Scribe's Calendar


OSX x64 Windows x64 Linux x64 OSX x32 Windows x32
v2.4.14 Zip
6.0 MiB, 28/7/2020
v2.4.13 Zip
6.0 MiB, 13/4/2020
v2.4.14 Installer
3.7 MiB, 28/7/2020
v2.4.13 Installer
3.6 MiB, 13/4/2020
v2.4.13 Bz2
5.9 MiB, 13/4/2020
v2.4.12 Bz2
5.9 MiB, 11/3/2020
v2.3.16 Installer
3.5 MiB, 12/6/2019
v2.3.16 Bz2
5.6 MiB, 19/6/2019
v2.3.16 Dmg
5.3 MiB, 19/6/2019
v2.3.14 Installer
3.2 MiB, 3/5/2019


Trouble shooting and Debugging

If your having problems with Scribe please read these pages:


All additional software for i.Scribe and InScribe is listed here.


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Language/Charset Support Status

  • Built in charset support:
    • Unicode: utf-8, utf-16/ucs-2
    • iso-8859-*
    • windows-*
  • Additional charsets available with iconv.dll installed:
    • See this list for complete details, but basically:
    • Japanese
    • Chinese
    • Korean
    • Armenian
    • Tajik
    • Thai
    • Laotian
    • Vietnamese

i.Scribe & InScribe Version History

2.4 [Beta]
Download: v2.4.14 Zip [OSX x64, 6185K, 28/7/2020]
Download: v2.4.14 Installer [Windows x64, 3745K, 28/7/2020]
Download: v2.4.13 Bz2 [Linux x64, 6087K, 13/4/2020]
Download: v2.4.13 Installer [Windows x64, 3725K, 13/4/2020]
Download: v2.4.13 Zip [OSX x64, 6166K, 13/4/2020]
Download: v2.4.12 Bz2 [Linux x64, 6074K, 11/3/2020]
Download: v2.4.12 Zip [OSX x64, 4734K, 11/3/2020]
Download: v2.4.12 Installer [Windows x64, 3719K, 10/3/2020]
Download: v2.4.11 Installer [Windows x64, 3721K, 2/3/2020]
Download: v2.4.9 Zip [OSX x64, 4723K, 11/2/2020]
Download: v2.4.9 Installer [Windows x64, 3720K, 11/2/2020]
Download: v2.4.8 Zip [OSX x64, 4721K, 23/1/2020]
2.3 [Stable]
Download: v2.3.16 Bz2 [Linux x64, 5707K, 19/6/2019]
Download: v2.3.16 Dmg [OSX x32, 5401K, 19/6/2019]
Download: v2.3.16 Installer [Windows x64, 3576K, 12/6/2019]
Download: v2.3.14 Installer [Windows x32, 3296K, 3/5/2019]
2.2 [Stable]
Download: v2.2.14 Dmg [OSX x32, 5383K, 17/5/2018]
Download: v2.2.14 Installer [Windows x64, 3696K, 15/5/2018]
Download: v2.2.14 Installer [Windows x32, 3269K, 15/5/2018]
Download: v2.2.9 Bz2 [Linux x64, 5139K, 26/3/2018]
Download: v2.2.1 Rpi [Linux Arm7, 4602K, 26/11/2017]
2.1 [Stable]
Download: v2.1.53 Installer [Windows x32, 3174K, 17/2/2018]
Download: v2.1.51 Bz2 [Linux x64, 5005K, 13/7/2017]
Download: v2.1.50 Dmg [OSX x32, 5368K, 28/6/2017]
2.0 [Stable]
Download: v2.0.74 Dmg [OSX x32, 4359K, 13/2/2016]
Download: v2.0.74 Installer [Windows x32, 1875K, 12/2/2016]
1.90 [Stable]
Download: Test5 Installer [Windows x32, 982K, 25/8/2008]
Download: Test4 Dmg [OSX x32, 2464K, 1/7/2008]
Download: Test2 Bz2 [Linux x64, 1982K, 2/2/2008]
1.89 [Stable]
Download: Test22 Installer [Windows x32, 966K, 15/12/2007]
Download: Test16 Disk Image [OSX, PPC, 2216K, 20/4/2007]
Download: Test5 Installer [Linux x64, 1705K, 19/7/2006]
1.88 [Stable]
Download: Final (Installer) [Windows x32, 803K, 5/4/2006]
Download: Final (Zip) [Windows x32, 826K, 5/4/2006]
Download: Final (Bz2) [Linux x64, 1469K, 30/11/2005]
1.87 [Stable]
1.86 [Stable]
1.85 [Unstable]
1.84 [Stable]
1.83 [Unstable]
1.82 [Unstable]
1.81 [Unstable]
1.80 [Unstable]
1.79 [Unstable]
1.78 [Unstable]
1.77 [Unstable]
1.76 [Unstable]
1.75 [Unstable]
1.74 [Unstable]
1.73 [Unstable]
1.72 [Unstable]
1.71 [Unstable]
1.70 [Unstable]
1.69 [Unstable]
1.68 [Unstable]
1.67 [Unstable]
1.66 [Unstable]
1.65 [Unstable]
1.64 [Unstable]
1.63 [Stable]
1.62 [Legacy]
1.61 [Legacy]
1.60 [Legacy]
1.58 [Legacy]
Download: Pkg (R5, x86) [BeOS/Haiku, 858K, 14/12/2001]