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Date: 14/1/2004
Heres a new button that Lgi could draw instead of the current button:

Scribe and other Lgi applications have always looked a bit plain. And I'm thinking of making Lgi a bit easier on the eyes. But that comes at some cost in terms on rendering speed, and ram. If you have an opinion go and vote.
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Different Things
Date: 14/1/2004
I've completed the initial version of a folder repair tool for Scribe which is explained in more detail in the trouble shooting guide that I recently posted. I'd like to get some feedback about it eventually. Hopefully you don't need to use it.

My initial experience with Zeta has been mixed. So far the FAT32 support is worse than R5 in that it's so ssssslllllooooowwwwww. I couldn't open a project file on a FAT32 volume because the mime type was wrong. Aside from that it's reaonable I guess. Seems quicker than my first impressions so thats a plus. Although I seemed to have forgotten the pain of using BeIDE and it's weirdo focus rules for the find window and lack of proper pageup pagedown key bindings. The tracker now supports "use same window", hurrah! That made my day big time.

I was reminded of this unknown little feature in Scribe's bayesian filter when reading this Slashdot article. Basically the filter supports using the spell checker to weight words that are not in either the spam or ham corpus. If the word is spelt correctly then it gets a neutral weighting, if it's not spelt correctly then it gets a spammy rating. This really helps with all the gibberish that spammers send your way. To set this up in Scribe add the spell checker in "Spell Checker" mode. As opposed to the normal "Text Pipe" mode that appears in the mail window. Then you should see new words that are mis-spelt get a 0.7 rating instead of a 0.4 rating.

Still havn't got gentoo working :(
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New OS's
Date: 4/1/2004
BeOS Zeta arrived today and I've got the i686 live CD's of gentoo to play with as well.

Lucky I've got that nice big hard disk up and running to install them on :D
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Scribe Trouble Shooting Guide online
Date: 4/1/2004
I've written a small trouble shooting guide for scribe to help people report problems. If your having trouble using Scribe please read through it so that you provide a good problem report and therefor get your issue resolved quickly. This will also save me time, which means I have more time to look at your problem instead of emailing explainations to everyone.

I'll update the guide as I see fit to cover more areas as and when I start getting too many requests for the same type of help. Also if you feel you can contribute to the guide I'd be more than happy to add information from users as well.
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New Year - New Scribe
Date: 1/1/2004
In the next few days (barring unforeseen problems) I'll be posting the first test release of Scribe v1.87. The main features being less crashes, improved internationalization (include new translations) and more SPEED!

There are lots of optimizations in the new version, starting with:
  • Compacting folders is now much quicker (at least the non IO bound parts).
  • The user interface caches a lot of the string mappings now. As a side effect lots of base controls now support glyph sub in Win32.
  • Loading and sorting folders is faster.
  • Bayesian filtering's word database build runs significantly faster due to better string management.
This is mostly due to choosing better algorithms in key loops for the aforementioned parts of Scribe. Most of this you don't notice until you've got a lot of data in Scribe. So don't be too concerned if it's not obvious when you upgrade. All it means is that Scribe is growing with you and it'll scale better as you keep collecting email.

There is more to be done on the optimization front but to some degree a lot of the incrementation approaches have been milked for their benifits. Increasingly the next option for optimization requires a total rewrite of part of the code. Which I won't do this side of v2 for the sake of stability.

v2 will bring a swath of new technologies to Scribe. A proper filesystem/DB backend for lightning fast queries and hard core corruption resistance. More flexible user interface and class leading features. New powerful plugin API. Deeper Scripting support. Open config file formats (xml). And more stability.

There is even the possibility of open source. But I'm not promising anything.

All in all I think this year will be pretty exciting, and I'll looking forward to creating some great software. Who knows? we may even see the return of BeOS(zeta) versions of various programs ;)
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New Releases
Date: 22/12/2003
I've posted a new release of i.Ftp on both Win32 and Linux platforms. Also I've updated the source release of i.Ftp if anyone wants to have a look.

Speaking of source, I've released v1.97 of Lgi; my cross platform GUI library. This is a accumulation of bug fixes, more on the Linux side of things but some win32 fixes as well. There are some important optimizations as well in the storage libraries.
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