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BeOS Lgi Port
Date: 17/5/2004
I spent a good part of today fixing the BeOS port of Lgi. Which was quite satisfying in that now I have a working copy of i.Ftp on Windows, Linux and BeOS, all building from the same source. Lovely! There is a lot of things fixed even relitive to when I abandoned it last. But now it has all the cool features of the current Lgi codebase as well.

Which I do plan to release binaries for in the next few days. I'd like to get some testing done and iron out any little quirks.
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i.Ftp on Zeta
Date: 14/5/2004
I had a few spare hours, so I felt like getting away from the whole Windows world for awhile so I booted into Zeta and rewrote the network code of Lgi so that i.Ftp would connect. :)

Now I've brought the BeOS branch of the code back over to FAT32 land so I can merge it in with the current tree of Lgi and get it into version control for the v2.00 release of Lgi. Something I should have done already but couldn't find time for.
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Date: 13/5/2004
There were a few files missing in the Lgi source zip. So I've updated that to build correctly on Win32. Although I didn't fix any code issues, just made sure all the source was actually there. I've just moved to subversion for version control so I havn't got correct release scripts ready at the moment. But the plan is to do automated checkout and build before releasing.

I am curious to see what people are building with Lgi. Drop me an email if you have something shipping.
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New Allen
Date: 11/5/2004
My new son: Martin Joel Allen was born this morning at 4:28am, 3.486kg, 51cm. Mum and bub are resting, all is well. So you'll understand if I go off the air for a little while eh?

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Html Email and Images
Date: 10/5/2004
Most users coming over to Scribe (esp from Outlook [Express]) wonder why Scribe never shows the images in their HTML email. And the veteran Scribe user knows this is because spammers use it to 'verify' the email address by cross referencing the image loaded with the email sent out.

The question of the week is: If the email is NOT a spam should the user be able to click something to load the images?

My thoughts run along the lines of:
  • Users often make mistakes, so it's better to have no where to stumble.
  • Users like nifty features but not at the expense of safty.

What do you, my thoughtful reader, think?
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i.File Release
Date: 7/5/2004
I've released a new release of i.File and this time there is a binary for linux as well as the source.

This is alpha software, so the usual disclaimers about alpha software that manipulates files applies but I'm really enjoying using it day to day on RedHat 9. YMMV.
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