Date: 19/8/2003
Well it's been pretty quiet on Memecode lately but I'm here to reassure you that things are moving forward. As those of you that read the change logs will no doubt know, that the coding continues unabated. Recently I've been using the Linux build of Scribe more than the Win32 and that has forced me to fix large swathes of untried code. It's feeling far more polished than even a month ago and for the most part I expect things to work rather than not. I gave myself a minimum requirement for the next release in that all the major issues should be addressed, and I'm almost there.

I sometimes need the input of people testing the software, and sometimes I KNOW that it's busted... and well I keep it to myself, rather than inflicting it on the general populance :)

Plus once all the easy issues are fixed in the software, your left with the hard nut ones, that usually take inordinate amounts of time to track down. So a lot of my time recently has been taken waiting for things to break, getting a tiny little bit of information and restarting the process. For instance Scribe's receive getting stuck in the "Setup..." state is a classic example. Give it 24 hours and it'll eventually get stuck, but you can't "force" it to happen. *sigh*

Besides the coding, I've had a massive month. With recording's for TV, my sister in law's baby being born, looking after our own little one, tracking all over town for car bits and keeping our house from looking like a blast zone.
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