FireFox 1.0
Date: 9/11/2004
If your still using Internet Explorer to browse the web then you should really check out FireFox v1.0 which has just been released today. It's a cut down version of Mozilla which was originally Netscape Navigator.

Some of the features that make it worth installing are Popup Blocking, Tabbed Browsing, better Privacy and Security, Smarter Search tools and better Standards Compilance than Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer might have a marginal speed advantage but that is mostly due to it playing on "home turf" (i.e. Windows) making good use of being built into Windows. But on the whole it's just as fast and responsive.

I hope you rediscover the web with the rest of us!
Dmitri Kozlov
10/11/2004 3:39am
If it doesn't support SVG why bother? :-)
10/11/2004 3:44am
Dmitri: Hey Bud, you still read my blog?!? hehe.

Yes, it's a shame it doesn't support SVG, but thats what extensions and plugins are for right?

I think they're stuffing around with it in the dev branch, so heres hoping one day it'll be part of the mainstream releases.
10/11/2004 7:01am
Yes, firefox is a very nice browser. Very good looking too ;-)
But when it comes to features opera is outstanding.
11/11/2004 10:51am
I agree with Michael. I've been using Opera since version 3.x, paid version since 6.0 and it is my browser of choice. Though I use Firefox as my second choice. Who needs Internet Explorer anyway? (Oops, I need it at my work for that one special website and its certificates...)
12/11/2004 3:35am
Of course just to be a pain in the behind Firefox 1.0 doesn't load the mozex extension anymore so you can't use an external mail client anymore. In fact you can't use any mail client at all.

But hey it's a "web browser" right? What use is intergration with email anyway.

Bloody stupid open source.
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