Html Layout
Date: 5/8/2004
I've been rewriting the layout of HTML tables in the control used by Scribe so that it can cope with the "webpage in an email" sort of junk that people receive. It's amazing how bad the HTML that gets sent in email's is, lots of nested tables and other lame layout tricks. Makes life really hard to support these emails in a secure, lightweight, cross-platform manner.

So far it's looking pretty good. Pages that just wouldn't render are comming up reasonably well. I'm using the CSS2 table layout algorithm as a base and then hacking on the necessary bits as I need to, so that it works. There is a lot of things not really discussed in that algorithm. It's too breif, and I'd like to know if there is a most complete HTML table layout algorithm.

In the meantime if you have HTML content that doesn't render in Test19 (not yet released) then you can send it to me by right clicking on the HTML control, selecting "Copy Source" and pasting that into a text file. Attach that to a bug report email to me. I'll add it to my test suite and see what I can do to get it running.
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