Different Things
Date: 14/1/2004
I've completed the initial version of a folder repair tool for Scribe which is explained in more detail in the trouble shooting guide that I recently posted. I'd like to get some feedback about it eventually. Hopefully you don't need to use it.

My initial experience with Zeta has been mixed. So far the FAT32 support is worse than R5 in that it's so ssssslllllooooowwwwww. I couldn't open a project file on a FAT32 volume because the mime type was wrong. Aside from that it's reaonable I guess. Seems quicker than my first impressions so thats a plus. Although I seemed to have forgotten the pain of using BeIDE and it's weirdo focus rules for the find window and lack of proper pageup pagedown key bindings. The tracker now supports "use same window", hurrah! That made my day big time.

I was reminded of this unknown little feature in Scribe's bayesian filter when reading this Slashdot article. Basically the filter supports using the spell checker to weight words that are not in either the spam or ham corpus. If the word is spelt correctly then it gets a neutral weighting, if it's not spelt correctly then it gets a spammy rating. This really helps with all the gibberish that spammers send your way. To set this up in Scribe add the spell checker in "Spell Checker" mode. As opposed to the normal "Text Pipe" mode that appears in the mail window. Then you should see new words that are mis-spelt get a 0.7 rating instead of a 0.4 rating.

Still havn't got gentoo working :(
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